Southampton, Long Island, New York


A Brief History

Over 6000,000 members 

Almost 15,000 clubs         More than 90 Nations

One Mission:  To serve the children of the world.

     KIWANIS began in 1915 in Detroit Michigan when a group of businessmen gathered together seeking a way to promote fellowship.  Over many years it has evolved into a global organization whose efforts and mission have made an extraordinary impact on the lives of millions of people. The founding members of Kiwanis were an impassioned group.  The principle core of the Kiwanis mission is the belief that the most effective way to enhance a community is to enhance its children.

    Kiwanis Club of Southampton Town was sponsored by the Riverhead Kiwanis Club and received its charter from the New York District of Kiwanis International in March of 1968.

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Definition:     Ki•wa•nis (kɪˈwɑ nɪs)  n.  an organization founded in 1915 to promote community service.    [allegedly < an American Indian language: to make oneself known]     Ki•wa′ni•an, n.